Targeting tumor associated macrophages


Solid tumors are infiltrated with vast numbers of macrophages, the so-called tumor associated macrophages that supports tumor growth and metastasis, trough the production of growth factors and promotion of neo- angiogenesis, tissue remodeling, extravasation and metastasis formation.


Therapeutic strategy for Affinicon: Inhibit tumor growth and metastasis by specific targeting and killing of tumor associated macrophages.


Tumor associated macrophages strongly expressing CD163 and high CD163 expression level correlates with poor survival. Especially carcinoma tumors are rich in tumor associated macrophages.


CD163 expressing cells has been negatively correlated to survival in several cancer forms, including: Myeloma, T-cell lymphoma, Hodgkin's lymphoma, follicular lymphoma, meningioma, ovaria, pancreatic, breast, bladder, oral squamous cell, kidney, endometrial, melanoma.


Affinicon has initiated a new programme to produce novel drug candidate for treratment of cancer trough efficient targeting of tumor associated macrophages.

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